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At Innov8 Logic, we assure you that no one understands more than we do about how frustrating financing a business can be. Don’t let a lack of starting capital keep you from funding your idea. Come talk to Innov8 Logic! Our team of experts you can trust. Our business consultant specializes in existing business and startup business loans to help you get your business off the ground. Bad credit, No credit, Start up Ok, No upfront fees, and no hassle financing. For fast business loans, we are the group to call.

Whether you’re looking for equipment, working capital, MCA loans, or expanding, you can rely on us to deliver prompt loan services to get your business funded quicker. Let’s get your ambitions off the ground together!

For fast business funding and business marketing, contact Innov8 Logic at (888) 309-0008 today!

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Our Portfolio Of Products

We call ourselves a solutions provider because that’s exactly what we are. We look beyond the need for simple business loans and try to determine which financing package offers the greatest benefit to your company. We offer financial assistance to support every facet of your business, including our own in-house underwriter that evaluate the best options to get you financed. 

Our vast array of both traditional and non-traditional financing programs, including contract financing, merchant cash advances, purchase order financing, as well as health care and medical financing. You name the need, and we’ll help develop a customized lending package for you. 


  • Complete sponsor questioner application
  • Must have credit score 650 above
  • Company can be pre-revenue
  • Have proof of personal income
*We do offer special programs for startup companies to get you funded
  • Complete the sponsor questioner or full application
  • 3 to 6-month bank statements
  • Monthly income $10,000 month or more
  • Approval is depending on your revenue not your credit score

You can upload your bank statement or a proof of your personal income. Using the upload tool here



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