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Whether it be for convenience or necessity, having a merchant services program working for you saves you time and money and keeps business funds separated. Having multiple accounts makes it easier to segment which set of money is used for supplies and equipment and which set is specifically used for collecting revenue. With Innov8 Logic, you can be assured that our merchant accounts will be able to satisfy your needs.

As an industry leader in the credit enhancement field, we take great pride in our ability to deliver results. This includes analyzing your current credit card process fees to make sure your company is getting the lowest cost possible. Our team can also help your company obtain POS machines. Innov8 understands that without the option of accepting credit cards can become a limited source of revenue is missed for a business owner. We help new and existing companies even if your company has been denied or labelled as a High-risk industry such as CBD oil, credit repair. We can help your company including low risk industries (restaurants, business consultants) and more

Whatever size your business may be, we’ll guarantee to help you out with any and all questions you may have regarding processing. For more information on all of our services and products, contact Innov8 Logic at (888) 309-0008 today!

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Innov8 Logic understands that without the option of accepting credit cards for business can become limited source of income missed for business owner. We offer assistance in all industries. We help new and existing companies even if you were told your company falls into the high risk categories our services can help both low and high risk industries. Contact us for more details

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